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  1. Up & Gone

From the recording Up & Gone


Up and Gone

This night is too completely still for you to just let me sit at home alone
And think about love-or lack thereof-and just how different it will be
When you decide you’ve had enough of me and this whole town
And how you’ve got to get away before it runs you into the ground
Without a sound you’re up and gone
(Chorus-Up and gone…)
These words are too twisted around for me to just lie awake at night and try to turn them all into sense
I’m on the fence and I don’t know whether to jump into your arms or just fall back
I’m under attack and now I’ve got to get away before you run me into the ground
Without a sound I’m up and gone
And know that if you run away, I might try to find you this time
But baby you should know that I go insane left to my own devices for too long
And some day soon, I’ll be up and gone

The sky is too big and black for me to just stare straight up and wonder what it’d take for me to disappear
I’m living in fear of what might happen if I let it go and let it happen as it will
On my windowsill there’s a ticket to another place-I’m Colorado bound
Without a sound I’m up and gone