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  1. My Love

From the recording My Love


My Love

I swear I heard the phone ring, I swear I thought it was you
Even though I know better
The last time that I saw you, your eyes were red
And you said it’s all too much for you my love
My love
I finally got the phone call I prayed never would come
But it did; and so you’re gone
May you find the peace you were seeking
Though it drove you into the ground
I know you had to go, my love
My love
I sing because I can’t see you; I sing because you’re not here
But I know you’re always near
If it’s true in your last moments that your life passes you by
I hope you saw me standing by
I try to imagine a time when you were here, but I cry every time
They say it only takes time and that time will heal my pain
But it floats slowly by without my love
My love (time floats slowly by)