Friday June 19: Poor Davids 4th annual show! 

Finally, the 4th annual day after Christmas spectacular! It's a little late this year, but it's extra special because it's the long-awaited CD RELEASE SHOW!!! $8 cover plus $5 cds at the door, or $10 cds once you're in the door. Intimate acoustic set. Hope to see you there!

It's Heeere! 

Yessss! The new album is FINALLY here! Click on the BUY link and buy it at -- will soon be available for download on itunes amongst other downloading sites. CD release party coming soon TBA!!!!!!!!!!! Just in time for those stocking stuffer gifts!

update on the update 

yo yo! very few things remain for the completion of The Next Album. You will be shocked when it comes out. I will be shocked when it comes out. Tis exciting and fresh and fancy and feastful. I'm wearing new glasses and contacts at the same time and tis making me uncomfortable. But not as uncomfortable as the man staring at me from outside the window. Now THAT is creepy. The holidays are upon us, I wanted the album to be finished before Xmas but twas just a pipe dream. T'will be done in 2008. And t'will be…

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update on recording! 

it's getting closer to being finished! so close i can taste it! i know i've been saying that for a while now, but seriously this time! i had to take a 6-week tour/sabbatical which put production on hold for a while. actually i guess it's not a sabbatical if i'm working...anyway, it's coming along beautifully and i am SO happy with it. i can't wait for you all to hear it. merel bregante/cribworks digital audio has been doing such an amazing job, as have the players-woody russell, alex adinolfi, al garth…

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new site! 

NEW WEBSITE! GIDDY-UP! if you guys have any requests, suggestions, etc. leave me a comment! i'll try to put lots and lots of pictures up, because that's what i'd want... xo