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Megan Melara: Press

“A bit of a blend of Patty Griffin, Sarah McLachlan,
and a touch of Shawn Colvin, Ms. Melara is one to be watched — and listened to. Whether it’s a jazzy pop
tune or soft ballad, her original, insightful lyrics
are delivered by an emotion-driven voice! Only a
handful of people in the music world can truly carry
out a live performance — she’s one of them!”

-Clarisa Marcee, CM Media; New Texas Magazine
Clarisa Marcee, CM Media - New Texas Magazine
Megan Melara's latest EP, "It's Love", delivers just what you'd expectfrom Megan - beautiful, evocative songs expressed by one of the richestand most sultry voices on the planet. This batch of songs has just theright backing and harmonies to accentuate Megan's talents withoutoverpowering them. A first rate offering!"

-Bruce Newlin
Tres Hombres Music
Austin TX
Bruce Newlin - Tres Hombres Music